Freckleheads, we need your help.

navy-stripe-personalized-canvas-wall-art-0001055_3003001Hi everyone. We have a problem, and we think you can help.

A lot of customers of Frecklebox look at the canvas wall art designs on our site, yet we don’t sell many. We would love your opinion on what we currently offer.

If you have one minute, will you please answer the following questions? Complete and total honesty is appreciated!


1. Have you visited our wall art page? Y or N

2. Do you know that these are canvas gallery wraps? Y or N

3. Have you purchased one? Y or N

4. What do you think we should do?
a. Add new designs
b. Reduce our prices
c. Offer larger sizes
d. Offer smaller sizes
e. Just take it down, it’s not really a fit with your other products.

THANK YOU — THANK YOU — THANK YOU in advance for your help!
The Frecklebox Team

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Technology in the Classroom

As a dad, I struggle with how much screen time (computer, video games, TV, etc.) to allow for my kids. I have been known to hide the remote, the xBox cable and even to change the password on the computer. Of course, there are times these strategies have backfired, as I have forgotten the password or where I hid the cable and remote. Although it gives my kids the right to make fun of me for being old and forgetful,  it does keep us engaged!

I also wonder about technology in the classroom. Education.com just released a great article about regarding this topic and I thought many parents out there would enjoy reading their take: http://www.education.com/magazine/article/effective-technology-teaching-child/?cid=80.

Now, I’m off to hide the remote again. Perhaps I should tell my cyber readers where I put it so someone can remind me in two weeks…

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Helpful Resources for Autistic Children

My mother-in-law, Glenda Fuge, is a brillilant occupational therapist who wrote the book Pathways to Play! Combining Sensory Integration and Integrated Play Groups. She specializes in helping children with autism and through her, I have learned just how many families this affects.

(Of course, she is still slightly irritating just because she is my mother-in-law — but she does know of amazing resources!)

I just recently came across a site which may also help some of you who are dealing with this in your family: http://lindahodgdonblog.com/ Please feel free to share this family and friends.

I hope this information is helpful!

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