Party Themes!

birthdayprincesspartysupplies-150x150Parties are a year round practice! But for some reason, they seem to pile up in the summer! Maybe simply because kids are more available due to lack of school, but no matter the reason, the party season is here! Some fun themes for kids parties are always the classics, super hero, princesses, disney, and there are so many more! By making parties have a theme, it gives the celebration life! Also, it gives parents of the kids coming something to base their gift ideas on, making it easier on everyone. Most big stores have all kinds of decorations for theme parties, especially party stores! Not only is everything already laid out for you, but it makes the party special!



Parenting is hard. Every parent needs a break every once in a while. A way to get out of the house and feel at ease is to have a nanny or babysitter that you trust! Even if the babysitting is inconsistent, having a babysitter on call will make every parent feel at ease when they go out for those much needed date nights! Not only are neighborhoods full of teens in need of jobs, but there are many different sites that can supply competent, eager babysitters and nannies! Whether full time or part time, having the option is very important. Another way to make sure that those nannies are trustworthy is to put them through a couple of interviews. This way, any concerns that parents may have can be aired out and dealt with! Not only does this give parents some leeway and the ability to go out when they want, but it puts them at ease and makes them able to enjoy it! Some sites that provide babysitters are www.sittercity.com, www.care.com/Babysitter, and www.babycenter.com!


Fun Reading!

Reading to our kids is a great way of bonding and settling them down before bedtime! Not only does it make them appreciate reading itself, but it brings parents and children together. Mixing it up and reading different kinds of books to your kids will also make them more open to different genres and writing styles, early and later on in life. Customized books are also a way to get your children into books, because seeing their name on each page is both exciting and makes them want to read on! Some examples of great books such as these are Frecklebox’s personalized books! These books can be found at http://www.frecklebox.com/personalized-books-for-kids-81c.aspx, and feature your child’s name on each and every page! Make reading fun!


Swim Lessons

It’s getting hot out there! And of course, what’s the best refresher during the summer? Pool time! Whether just at your neighborhood pool, or going on a tropical vacation, pool safety is extremely important. So what’s the easiest way to make kids water safe?

As a swim teacher, I can tell you a few easy tips on making your children pool ready! One of the best tricks to get your children to be able to swim far, is to make sure they are looking down at the bottom of the pool while they’re swimming. By doing this, your kids are saving energy and swimming on top of the water, which will ensure more speed. Another trick is teaching them how to back float so that when they are tired in the middle of the pool, they can simply flip onto their back and be safe and saving energy.

Other than that, practice makes perfect! The more you swim with your kids, the more they’ll love it, and in turn, the better they’ll be! Also, private swim lessons are a great option for many kids, because then not only are they learning how to swim, but they’re also swimming with other people. This increases comfortability in the water and shows them that no matter who they’re with, they’re pool safe! Go swim!kid-swimming-for-growth-330x234-300x212


Summer Adventures

It’s getting to be that time again! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the kids are ready to play! Moms, we know this time of year is hard. Fun, but hard. There are so many activities to figure out, birthday parties to go to, days to fill! So here are some ideas for fun, free adventures to keep your kids busy! One fun one is to have each kid make their own paper, or plastic boat. Not only does making the boat take up their time, but so does racing it! Even if it’s in a bathtub, most kids will find this fun and will become invested in their own boats! Especially if you name them, that’s where kids can also get creative. 

Another fun activity that’s cheap and easy, are decorating anything as simple as paper plates! Kids can make the sun, any of the planets, a basketball, anything they can come up with that’s round! That way their creativity will be shining, while keeping them busy and happy at the same time. Not to mention giving parents a break!


Add a little sass to your garden birthday party

Hi Frecklebox.com readers, welcome to the world of Simon+Kabuki. We hope you enjoy our guest post!

Warm weather birthdays are the best. Period. Outdoor parties are my first choice for a wound up group of kids. They have space to expend their energy and messes can be hosed down. And the theme potential is enormous (I love a good theme party): Baby Animals complete with petting zoo, Garden Party– each party goer gets to plant a little flower in a cute little pot that he/she painted, Woodland Fairies with magic wands, or Sports Camp. It’s all good.

If I still had any cute little kids (which I don’t, mine are big and teenager-y now–ack) I would totally rock a Garden Party.  Get it? I would rock a Garden Party…

invitationbox_2204_6623417161 (1)

Custom invites are all the rage!

I love this custom invite, it’s adorable and affordable at InvitationBox.com. And for party favors I would pre-order personalized placemats from Frecklebox.com, they double as decorations!


Personalized placemats make a great keepsake!

And because anything with a bird on it is instantly loved by all (watch this hysterical video to see what I mean– Put a Bird On It.) I’d continue the theme from my placemats to little nest cupcakes.



Easy to make, easier to eat.


Every great kid party has great kid activities. Just a couple though, I’ve seen uber-moms overdo the projects and the kids get all loaded on sugar and can’t sit still long enough to participate. Or they really just want to play and said uber-mom is now screaming “Sit down and have fun with your damn project! Now!” So my rockin’ Garden Party would include one game that involves big muscle movement, like a nature lover scavenger hunt. They might have to find a leaf, a bug, a long stick and a rock that looks like a heart. Or if they are older you could hide fun things in the yard for them to find, like an Easter Egg Hunt. For the sitting down activity, I’d have them paint a little terra cotta pot and plant a flower in it. It could take 10 minutes or an hour (for the budding designers) and it doesn’t involve more sugar consumption.


Great party project.


For more design inspiration, check out our blog atwww.simonandkabuki.com/designerdroppings. We are designer moms, and we are on a mission to take over the world and make it cute!




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