Helpful Tips to Protect Your Children

rollerAlong with Spring and Summer come field trips, family outings and excursions. Here are a few tips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to stay safe.

Going to an amusement park? Theme parks are great places for family fun. Take time to plan your trip, and talk to your kids about ways to stay safer before you arrive at the park.

And remember, the most important rule is to have your child ALWAYS STAY WITH A FRIEND OR SIBLING when going on rides, to the bathroom or to grab a snack.

Before you leave:

  • Make a plan to meet in a specific location should anyone become separated; a good place is the closest Help/Information Center.
  • Pay attention to where kids are and who they are with at all times.
  • Teach kids to check first with you before accepting prizes or gifts from anyone.
  • Teach kids to tell you if anyone makes them feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused.
  • Teach children to runaway and yell, “this person is not my father (mother)!” if someone tries to take them away.
  • Make sure kids never wear clothing or carry items that display their names.

At the park:

  • Get a map of the park and immediately show your kids where the Help/Information Centers are located.
  • Give examples of people who can help (park personnel, mothers with children, etc.) if they become lost.
  • Have children carry some form of identification and emergency contact information with them.
  • Accompany young children on rides.
  • Accompany children to restrooms.
  • Report suspicious or inappropriate activity immediately.
  • Immediately report your child missing if you become separated.

Visit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for more safety information.


Great service from Virgin American on 5/14/2011.

Hi there. I am on Virgin America Flight 12 from SFO to NY today. All their computer systems were down for check in and boarding.

The staff handled it so well. I was very impressed with their greeting, willingness to help, professionalism, candor, and service. I must admit it was funny to see them writing the names of people on a seating chart. Felt like the old days…..

We write yelp reviews and post on facebook when we experience pain but I thought we should all share a story of great service. There are still many companies out there that really want to do a great job.

Just thought I should mention great service after receiving it.

Anyone else have great service stories?


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A great article from Education.com on Staycation

Here is a great article from Education.com on planning a Staycation (this word will probably get added to the dictionary in 10 years). I have been guilty of not scheduling stuff like this in my calendar.

It is so inexpensive to go to the beach (since we are close), a lake, a park, or a museum. I think we should all plan one of these this summer even if we are planning a big vacation. This is probably more relaxing and more fun. My favorite museum is either Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco or The Field Museum in Chicago. What is your favorite?





Please read the article and accept my challenge to plan this before the end of August. I hope one of you will ask me by the end of summer if I actually did this.

Thanks to Education.com for posting this great article and reminding me that I need to do this before my kids are too old or they go back to school.


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Boogie Down With Baby Loves Disco!


Now that you’re a mom, do the days of dancing wildly with your friends in night clubs seem like a distant memory? Do you sometimes miss rocking out to tunes that you don’t hear on Nick Jr. or Sprout? We’ve found a solution!

Baby Loves Disco is a growing movement, started by mother/former dancer Heather Murphy and father/music executive Andy Hurwitz, that brings parents and kids together to have a blast at afternoon dance parties across the country. Families have an opportunity to meet new people, get exercise and have fun in a safe and healthy environment.

The events, which take place in cities from San Francisco to Louisville to Virginia Beach, transform hip night clubs into family-friendly play dates, where real DJ’s spin a mix of dance hits from the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Kids (from about 6 months to 7 years old) can boogie down with hula hoops, scarves, egg shakers and bubble machines, and moms and dads can join them on the dance floor or have an adult beverage and socialize with other parents. No one minds if the little ones get noisy and make a scene… in fact, it’s encouraged! There are also plentiful healthy snacks, diaper changing stations and “chill-out” areas with pillows, books, puzzles and toys for tired dancers.

Murphy first started Baby Loves Disco by hosting small parties with friends in her Philadelphia home, and through word of mouth and grassroots networking, the parties have now spread to clubs in dozens of US cities. There is even an international presence for Baby Loves Disco, including parties in the United Kingdom, Japan and Poland.

Interested in joining in on the fun and hitting the dance floor with your kids? Baby Loves Disco is hitting the East Coast for the next couple of months, and then California, here they come!

Go and dance the night (or day) away!


Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8

Here’s a short article you can forward straight to your husbands so they can plan the perfect Mother’s Day for you. They’ll need your children’s help, so make sure they get started in time. 🙂

1. Create the perfect Mother’s Day Card at tinyprints.

2. Start a new tradition and create the perfect gift: The Mom Book.  Jacquelyn Mitchard writes a poignant article in May’s Real Simple magazine on how the best gifts aren’t purchased.

3. Cook the perfect breakfast, it’s a day to splurge with Creamy, Fruity Stuffed French Toast Hearts!

4. Order the perfect flowers, according to any budget.

5. Come up with compliments, compliments and more compliments to shower on Mom all day long.

Moms, please feel free to add any other Mother’s Day wish list items!

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