Do you have bored kids? Maybe this can help…..

I know as parents we have all probably heard “I’m bored” from our children. Hopefully we can help here. I am sure you will find something that will interest your child in this list of 60 ideas for bored children. . Here is another great article which lists 30 ideas for summer only. Here is another article from momswhothink.com (I love the title even though I am not a mom). This article describes what you can learn from your child’s boredom.

Just pick one of these ideas and try it today. Which idea will you try today?


Should you kick your child out of the house?

I just read this article in the Metro West Daily News. Maybe I like it because it speaks about something I believe in. It tells that sending our kids outside without a plan is good for their health. I think this is a great idea. For younger children it could be a trip to the local park without a plan or toys to direct their activities. Going into the yard without a plan might cause them to play in the leaves, draw items with a stick, or play in the sand.

I am not a fan of over scheduling my kids.

What are your your thoughts on this article?


Drawing in the Sun


Playing in the Leaves



Date night is back. Never be without a babysitter again.

At Frecklebox we are always looking for great resources to share with you. I did an earlier post about date nights which my wife always insisted on. We have great family and friends close by but sometimes I just wasn’t comfortable asking. Since we had family we usually asked it was hard to find a babysitter when we didn’t want to ask family. I wish this babysitting service was around when my kids were little (Sitter City).

Thanks to our friends at Cool Mom Picks for letting us know about this and they even have a promotion code going with them. Use CMPJuly30 until July 31st to get 30% off.

I hope this helps.


Use this to make sure you get you date nights