Make Learning to Read Eaiser

Hi everyone, Shari M., a school psychologist and mom from, shared some of her thoughts with us regarding early readers and the effect of personalization: “I know based on my experiences, one of the recommendations we give to parents and teachers to enhance learning is to make the information meaningful to the child–so, if a book… Continue reading Make Learning to Read Eaiser

Calling All Freckle-Experts!

While we have found that rhyming, repetition and personalization all play an important role in creating stories that engage children and make reading more fun, we would love for any reading experts out there to share their thoughts! Here are some sites we have used in our research: Please share any… Continue reading Calling All Freckle-Experts!

Frecklebox on TV!

Wow…Frecklebox just had its first appearance on TV! We’d like to thank everyone at the show for making us feel comfortable and welcome. And I have to say, Spencer Christian and Jannelle Wang were even nicer in person than they appear on TV. Our segment on the show was about our personalized books and personalized gifts and how they can encourage kids… Continue reading Frecklebox on TV!

Adoption Book Coming Soon

I just finished writing a personalized book about an adopted child. It was inspired by several comments we’ve received regarding our new baby book where people wanted to change the pregnant mom page to somehow convey adopting a child instead. We are currently working on editing the story and drawing the illustrations; any ideas on how to make the book appeal… Continue reading Adoption Book Coming Soon

Personalized gifts, not just for John and Jane anymore…

It’s always fun when the previous year’s most popular baby name list comes out, especially since as a personalized gift provider, we see a lot of unique names come our way! Emma and Jacob ruled 2008 in the number one spot respectively for girls and boys. But, a lot of more unusual names are on their way… Continue reading Personalized gifts, not just for John and Jane anymore…