Fab kids birthday parties.

How to create fab kids birthday parties

I’m a big fan of my birthday and will celebrate it with anyone who stands still for two seconds. I’m far from being a kid, but truly enjoy hanging out with friends and family and…well, if I’m being honest, eating cake with my name on it! Are you planning your child’s next birthday party? Here are a few fun ideas to get your imagination hoppin’, plus take a peek at our Birthday Fun Pinterest board for even more inspiration!








Crayon Art Party Invitations from Craftgawker








Superhero Party Favors from SomewhatSimple













Polka Dot Inside-and-Out Cake from Handmade Charlotte















Rainbow Balloon Photo Wall from Momtog











Fruit and Veggie Party Snacks from The Tomkat Studio











And remember Frecklebox for Personalized Party Favors and Gifts!
Canvas Wall Art
Coloring Books

One thought on “Fab kids birthday parties.

  1. I love all your idea for birthday party.I work for the YWCA after school care program.Always would do different little things for the kids on their birthdays.I love decorating for holidays and birthdays.

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