POPsicles collection by S+K

POPsicles collection by Simon and Kabuki

S+K designed a fun collection called POPsicles and it features our fave frozen treats! The collection includes a lunchbox and journal and are perfect for good summer times. The journal fits in the lunchbox, making this darling duo easy to tote around to the pool or the park. Added bonus — they’re both covered with Popsicles and ice cream!


I’m a sucker for ice cream. And let me be clear, I mean ice cream of any kind. A scoop of strawberry on a sugar cone, a 50-50 Dreamsicle bar, an ice cream sandwich — if it’s frozen, I like it! I try not to eat it *too* often, but a girl needs a sweet treat every now and then, right?

Making frozen treats at home is easier than you’d think. You don’t need a lot of supplies and they’re a fun activity to do with kids. I’ve even made them with Dixie cups before I had ice pop molds — easy peasy!

Easy homemade Popsicle recipes

15 homemade Popsicle for kids

Grown-up ice pops

Amazon has lots of fun shaped molds:
Ice Pop Molds from Amazon

Have fun and let us know what you make this summer!

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