The Restaurant Box: A guest blog by Jessie Ford

The Restaurant Box: A guest blog by Jessie Ford

A couple weeks ago, we asked our fans on Twitter and Facebook for some great tips and tricks. Today’s guest blogger, Jessie D’Amato Ford, answered the call and shared with us about how her family uses our Tin Lunch Box: the Restaurant Box.

I had never heard of Frecklebox until my daughter’s second birthday. A friend had given her the lunchbox with her name on it and a personalized ABC book. Since then I too have bought many Frecklebox birthday presents and printed many-a-coloring pages for my little girl and her friends.

The lunchbox my daughter got has been a blessing as we have found a unique way to
use it. Our lunchbox has become our restaurant box.


The Restaurant Box

We bring our daughter out to eat with us at least once a week and have been doing so since she was a little girl. It has been a goal of ours to make sure she knows how to behave, no matter the age, at a restaurant or just out in public in general. But going to a restaurant before the lunchbox was annoying. I’d fill my purse with some books and other things to keep her little hands occupied. We also agreed as parents that we wouldn’t have children who sit at dinner playing a video game or on a phone playing. It would be family time.

Enter the Frecklebox lunchbox.


Inside the restaurant box

It was so cute and the perfect size for all our restaurant needs. I have it filled and kept in the car at all times so it’s available when we need it.


Items within the restaurant box

Currently our restaurtant box includes:

    1. A book (sometimes two or three!)
    2. Mini puzzles. These are a God send! My inlaws in England sent over a box of these mini puzzles though I’ve not seen them here in the US yet. They are great for on the go and the perfect size to do at a table while we wait for our food.
    3. A mini magnetic writer/eraser keeps her busy; especially when we play Pictionary.
    4. Paper and pen to practice our writing.
    5. Snacks and wet wipes just in case.
    6. Crayons and activity book. We use all the crayons that are given out at the restaurant and keep them to reuse.

All these little things fit perfectly in our lunchbox and my daughter happily totes it to and from the car. We get many compliments on this adorable box and many moms love the
restaurant box idea.

So the next time your little one is fussing at a restaurant, pick up your own restaurant box and fill it with their favorite goodies!

Jessie D’Amato Ford is a full-time mom, a Director of Events & Educational Programs for a Connecticut company, and writer. Working from home with her 2½ year old daughter provides a lot of entertainment, stress, and crazy stories. Jessie loves to write about them on her blog,These are Days… 

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