Have more Halloween Fun this year

Have more Halloween Fun this year

Hair-raising Halloween fun is not only necessary, it’s neceSCARY!

Making Halloween the best that it can be is not nearly as hard as everyone assumes, we just have to think out of the box! Games, snacks, books, and parties can reach a whole new level with our awesomely scary, fun ideas!

Our Top Ghostly Games

Mummy Madness

This game will be a hit at your next Halloween party!

All it takes are rolls of toilet paper or white crepe paper.

  1. Divide kids up into teams of two
  2. One will wrap, one will be the mummy
  3. Start up the Halloween music and let the kids wrap their partner!
  4. Once the whole toilet roll is used, the mummies race to the finish line of your choosing, trying not to rip the mummy wrapping of course!
  5. Switch mummies, and do it again!

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

This game takes treasure hunts to a new level, where kids have to find limbs instead of boring old treasure!

  1. Trace a large skeleton on paper or plastic
  2. Cut skeleton into just limbs
  3. Hide around the backyard, house, or neighborhood
  4. As kids find pieces, put them back together to create full skeleton!

(Clues may be made to find pieces!)

Zany Zombies

This game is goofy and fun for any zombie lover. Plus, you don’t need any supplies. It will be a hit at the classroom party!

  1. One person is “it”
  2. All other kids sit or lay down (zombies)
  3. “It” tries to get each of the zombies to smile, laugh, giggle, or move
  4. Whenever a zombie smiles, laughs, giggles, or moves, they then join “it” and try to get the other zombies to do the same!
  5. The last zombie left wins!

Each of these games will add spooky fun to any Halloween party!

Our Top Spooky snacks

Cup ‘O Dirt

This snack screams scary with it’s worms sticking out and delicious dirt at the bottom! These wiggly worms will slither down your children’s throats, creating a great Halloween snack!

You can find the recipe at:


Finger food

These delicious snacks are not only healthy, but are also actual finger food! What kid doesn’t want to eat a finger? All you need is mozzarella string cheese, green bell peppers, and cream cheese!

You can find the recipe at:


Mummy Pizza

These scrumptiously scary snacks will be your kid’s favorite at the next Halloween party! Not only is pizza one of the best foods ever, but now you get to eat a mummy face, and have it taste like pizza! We don’t think it gets much better than that.

You can find the recipe at:


Our Top Scaaaary Stories

The Hallo-Wiener

BY: Dav Pilkey

This hilarious Halloween book will entertain and delight your kids with its fun imagery and creative illustrations! Oscar is a cute wiener dog, but the other dogs make fun of him for being short, until he shows how heroic he really is.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

BY: Alvin Schwartz

This haunting Halloween book of short stories will be fun and scary for kids, without being too much. We recommend this book highly for slightly older kids. It will knock your Halloween socks off with its thrillingly spooky stories!

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

BY: Linda Williams

This book shows just how scary Halloween can be. The little old lady who was not afraid of anything even gets scared in this fun, spooky story. When she has the scare of her life, she may learn to take Halloween a little bit more seriously.

Goodnight Goon

BY: Michael Rex

This hilarious hair-raising tale is sure to be your kid’s favorite this Halloween! With its creative illustrations and fun take on monsters, your kids will be dying to have their own goon!

Room on the Broom

BY: Julia Donaldson

When some friendly animals help a witch recover some items she has lost, there may not be room on the broom! This fun-filled book will delight with its hilarious story and fun witchy theme!

Our Top Petrifying Party Decor and Favors

Coloring Pages

Our spooky coloring pages can decorate the walls of any party, and give the kids a fun way to get into the holiday spirit! With their fun, frightening designs, they will inspire any child to get creative with their Halloween decorations!


What can decorate almost any surface with our Halloween fun? Personalized stickers of course! Our Halloween stickers will decorate the party and the party favors!


Our personalized Halloween placemats will spook up any party or meal with their fun, creepy designs! Your child will feel like Halloween was made for them with their name set right in place!

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