Some great resources for parents (PBS Kids, and more.

Some great resources for parents (PBS Kids, and more.

Here are some great resources for parents for summertime activities.

For summer reading visit PBSKids. PBS Kids has been around a long time and continues to offer one of the most extensive online resources I have found.

This site has reading games, letter games, literacy games, and even games for science and math. Your kids won’t even know they are learning.

They also have a great parents and teacher’s section here. Parents and Teachers.

Another one of our favorites sites is Here is a great kids activity instead of sending them to camp.

Here is another great list of family activities. LIST OF FAMILY ACTIVITIES


For you moms out there here is a funny blog you might like. It is calledParenting, illustrated with crappy pictures. Since crap has been my bad word that I allowed (since I say it, it must be okay). I have the greatest in-laws but they have been very guilty of THIS. I loved this post since I have felt this frustration (including when they give birthday presents one month early)….

Here is another great resource for parenting and relationship advice. ADVICE. Rhona Berens gives some amazing advice that can even help you get better even if your relationship is already awesome. I really recommend reading some of these articles if only to confirm you are doing it right. The article onconscious complaining has really helped me.

What are your favorite parenting and relationship resources? I know my wife would say I can always use more…..


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