As much as I love my kids…..

As much as I love my kids…..

As much as I love my kids I actually like my wife even better when the kids aren’t around. Now that my kids are older that is a really good thing. Eventually it will be just the two of us again and I think it is very important that parents choose t0 invest time in their relationship. I found a great quote that I heard years ago. I also found who said it.

The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother”. ~Rev. Theodore Hesburgh

I also just read a great article for dads about Date Nights.

My wife has always insisted on date nights and I am so glad she did. We were blessed with grandparents who were local and always willing to help. Even if you don’t have that blessing, some friends and parents of older children will love having your children.

We had my nephew on a sleepover when he was only eight weeks old. They live less a mile away and we knew the they desperately needed one good night of sleep. We had to twist their arms and told them they could come anytime. We both ended up playing with Hunter at 1:00 in the morning (I know we aren’t supposed to do this) and then fighting over who got to hold him at 4:00 am…..We really had fun reliving the days when our kids were really young.

Allow others to enjoy your children while you invest time in your relationship. Your children will have better relationships when they are grown if you invest time in each other.

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