I just reread a great article. It is worth your time.

My second child just graduated from high school yesterday. It is a joyous and sad time at the same time. I just reread a fantastic article written by Stephanie Borden on Mothering.comHere is the article which is called A Hand to Hold.  Stephanie is talking about her toddler. Since the article was written in 2007 her child is probably around six or seven now. She also speaks about how the relationship changes from a baby, to a child, to a teenager, to an adult. I am reflecting on this as I try to move to an adult relationship with two of my children. My wife and I struggle with how much independence to give them. I understand that they want to be with their friends. I try to remember the things my parents did well and the things I wish they could have done better. I believe all we can do as parents is to take the examples we have been given and try to be better. There is no way to get it right. We will either be too strict or too easy but hopefully we will be in the the right zone. Too far either way and we may regret it for a long time.

I really miss being the dad of a small child but am enjoying the progress and success of my children. Hopefully reading this article for the first or the tenth time will remind you that whatever stage your children are in you should relish it and try to be the best parent you can be. Your children will grow faster than you think.


Tanner as a Toddler
Tanner as an Adult