Summer Adventures with kids

Summer Adventures with kids

It’s getting to be that time again! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the kids are ready to play! Moms, we know this time of year is hard. Fun, but hard. There are so many activities to figure out, birthday parties to go to, days to fill! So here are some ideas for fun, free adventures to keep your kids busy! One fun one is to have each kid make their own paper, or plastic boat. Not only does making the boat take up their time, but so does racing it! Even if it’s in a bathtub, most kids will find this fun and will become invested in their own boats! Especially if you name them, that’s where kids can also get creative. 

Another fun activity that’s cheap and easy, are decorating anything as simple as paper plates! Kids can make the sun, any of the planets, a basketball, anything they can come up with that’s round! That way their creativity will be shining, while keeping them busy and happy at the same time. Not to mention giving parents a break!

Here are some great articles which will help you with ideas:

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And our free coloring pages are great activities when you hear that dreaded term…..”I’m bored”.

And for older children perhaps you can get them to write with our personalized journals

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