Mini Vacations with kids!

Mini Vacations with kids!

Everyone needs a break once in a while! Especially the parents. Being a parent is hard! So you have to reward yourself sometimes, but that can still involve your kids! Small, cheap vacations can give the break that any family needs, even if it’s only for a weekend! Some fun, relaxing places that can be great for an inexpensive getaway are going to a lake, the beach, or even a local carnival! All of these things can get your family away from reality for a little while, for some healthy family fun! Or even possibly a trip to the zoo, even if it’s for just a day! These kinds of getaways will improve not only your morale, but your kids as well! We’ll call them mini vacations, and these are fun and a great way to get family time together!

Here is a great article from

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And the CHEAP got my attention: 7 Cheap & Fun Family Vacation Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

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