Sick Days with your kids!

Sick Days with your kids!

Spring weather is crazy. Taking care of kids during the spring is crazier. The sickies are spreading like wildfire and this is the worst time! So how can we make it more fun for the parents and the kids? Here are some ideas, just in case you’ve run out! One entertaining option for both little girls and boys, are pillow and blanket forts! This will provide hours of fun, and could be imagined as a tent in the woods, a pirate hideout, or even a mysterious cave on a magical island! Not only is this free, but it can involve any family member (with an imagination that is)! Check out this awesome fort!

Make a sick day activity box! Or a sick day activity hat! Whichever your child will like the most! Write ideas down on paper and make sure all of them are silly, fun, and will be fun and appropriate for a sick day. Then your kid gets to pick (without knowing what) the idea by picking one of the pieces of paper! And no matter what, you have to do what’s written, no matter how silly it is! Some fun ideas could be making finger puppets and putting on a puppet opera! Singing included. Or maybe making popsicle stick houses, for popsicle stick figures! Or possibly do a treasure hunt around the

house, using any kind of treasure they want (toys, fake jewels, you name it!). Include any fun sick games and ideas you can think of, and this could keep your child going all day! Maybe one of the ideas in the box could be decorating the idea box. Each time your child is choosing, it’s a surprise, which only makes it seem more exciting!

Games and puzzles are always great when it comes to entertainment, so maybe surprise your sickie with a new puzzle or his or her favorite cartoon character or action figure! If they’re starting to get distracted, make it a challege, like “I bet I can finish my puzzle faster than you can finish yours.” Challenges are a fun motivational way to have your children stick to their activity! This idea can be applied to any sick day adventure or escapade, just make sure it’s positive and fun! Puzzles are a great way to entertain because they keep a child focused and are stimulating. They’re also fun, and can be found in all kinds of designs, which will be much more exciting for your children! There are many different cheap, fun activities that can be done on sicks days, we just have to think out of the box!

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