How to Talk to Little Girls

How to Talk to Little Girls

As the mom of an almost five-year-old, I love this article. How do you talk to little girls without immediately placing importance on how they look?

Almost every day I feel like my daughter hears, “You look so cute! I love your dress!” or something similar — from strangers, from friends, from ME! I read this article and it really brought home how important it is to talk to little girls about issues that are far more important: how they feel, what they like to do or what they do well.

Check it out:
How to Talk to Little Girls

Here is another great article about how NOT to talk to little girls from

And this:  7 Things To Talk To Little Girls About Other Than Them Being Cute

Or get the girls a customized journal from and then ask them to write about the superhero they will be when they grow up. Or how they will run the country when they are president someday.

How do YOU initiate a conversation with a little girl that does not revolve around looks? Let’s hear it.

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