The Summer Doldrums (Already?!?). The cure for “I’m bored”.


The Summer Doldrums (Already?!?). The cure for “I’m bored”.

Ok, it’s the end of week one (for us) of summer vacation and I am already going crazy.

Unlike many our friends, my kids are not registered in a gazillion day camps, accelerated classes, swim/tennis/golf lessons, cooking demonstrations, etc. Our lack of organized activity means a few things: a) I’m a very lazy person when it comes to arranging our schedule, b) I incorrectly thought we might all enjoy a quiet, relaxing summer together just lounging around the house, and c) I will now have to spend the rest of the summer dreaming up things to do to arrest the never-ending comments of “I’m bored,” “We did that yesterday,” and “That’s lame.”

So, my fellow procrastinators, I found a few helpful links online of activities to do with your kids this summer, and most of them even have some kind educational aspect to them (to make up for not enrolling your childresn in any “use it or lose it” summer sessions.)

Check out Squidoo for picnics, art projects, games and more – from things you did as a kid (and forgot about) to new ideas, here’s a great list of over 100 activities to do: is a great resource for ideas: and when you’ve done all the activities ten times, take the easy road and just print out some worksheets and throw on some good tunes.

If you have any fun summer activities that don’t require advance reservations and a lot of planning, please do share!

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