Helpful Tips to Protect Your Children

rollerHelpful Tips to Protect Your Children

Along with Spring and Summer come field trips, family outings and excursions. Here are a few tips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to stay safe.

Going to an amusement park? Theme parks are great places for family fun. Take time to plan your trip, and talk to your kids about ways to stay safer before you arrive at the park.

And remember, the most important rule is to have your child ALWAYS STAY WITH A FRIEND OR SIBLING when going on rides, to the bathroom or to grab a snack.

Before you leave:

  • Make a plan to meet in a specific location should anyone become separated; a good place is the closest Help/Information Center.
  • Pay attention to where kids are and who they are with at all times.
  • Teach kids to check first with you before accepting prizes or gifts from anyone.
  • Teach kids to tell you if anyone makes them feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused.
  • Teach children to runaway and yell, “this person is not my father (mother)!” if someone tries to take them away.
  • Make sure kids never wear clothing or carry items that display their names.

At the park:

  • Get a map of the park and immediately show your kids where the Help/Information Centers are located.
  • Give examples of people who can help (park personnel, mothers with children, etc.) if they become lost.
  • Have children carry some form of identification and emergency contact information with them.
  • Accompany young children on rides.
  • Accompany children to restrooms.
  • Report suspicious or inappropriate activity immediately.
  • Immediately report your child missing if you become separated.

Visit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for more safety information.

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