September is Library Card Sign-up Month!


September is Library Card Sign-up Month, which means it is the perfect opportunity to make sure everyone in your family is decked out with a card. A library card is a magical all-purpose pass to new adventures, and checking out books is only scratching the surface of all that it has to offer.


Six Fun Ways Your Kids Can Use a Library Card

1.     Reading and checking out books: First and foremost, a library card gives you access to thousands of books you can read on a comfy couch at the library or take home to enjoy. Want to know how electricity works? Find a book of science experiments. Interested in ballet? Read a novel about students competing in a dance school. Love art? Check out exciting comic books. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the library’s selection of books (and it’s free!).

2.     Get recommendations: Take advantage of recommended book lists, reading clubs and other extras at your local library. You might discover a new favorite book!

3.     Rent DVDs: For family movie night, look no further than the library’s selection of DVDs. It’s much cheaper than renting at the movie store, and libraries often have a great variety of educational, foreign and family-friendly movies, television shows and lessons. Heat up some popcorn and cuddle up with a good flick.

4.     Attend story time: Most public libraries host regular story time hours for children and their parents, so stop by and get lost in a great tall tale.

5.     Get homework help: Ask your librarian about available tutoring services. Many libraries offer free reading help and homework tutoring for kids of all ages. Grab your Frecklebox notebook and get started.

6.     Get online: Use the library’s Internet access to research class projects, find fun events to attend in your area and look up kid-approved recipes. If your kids are just learning how to navigate the web, the library is a safe and easy place to start.

Do you make regular family trips to the library? Do your kids have their own library cards? Add your experiences in the comments below and have a great Library Card Sign-up Month!

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