Happy Mother’s Day: Thoughtful Ways to Honor Your Mom

Happy Mother’s Day: Thoughtful Ways to Honor Your Mom

Mother’s Day should really happen more than just once a year. Our moms and the other important women in our lives have loved us, nurtured us and raised us to be the wonderful people we are today, and they deserve some recognition and appreciation in return.

Sunday, May 9 is Mother’s Day, and though we should love and honor our mamas all year round, it’s nice to have an excuse to do it up right for a day. Flowers, chocolates and greeting cards are all lovely and traditional Mother’s Day gifts, but why not do something a little more unique and personalized this year? Think about who your mom (or grandma or mother-in-law…) is, and tailor a gift to fit her perfectly.

Use Your Words

Instead of buying a generic card, write your mother a letter or card telling her why you love her and why you’re lucky to have her as a parent. You can be as sentimental or funny or goofy as you like, as long as you’re sincere. If you’re struggling with how to start, try thinking of an occasion when she was really there for you (comforting you when your first love broke your heart or wiring you money when you were penniless and stranded while backpacking through Europe).

Be Indulgent 

Everyone has a few guilty pleasures—from chocolate-covered cherries and red wine to celebrity magazines and romance novels. Buy some of your mom’s favorite indulgences and wrap them in a pretty basket. (And then help her enjoy them…)

Stay Active

If your mom seems to have more energy than you do, buy her something that will fit in well with her active lifestyle. Give her new running shoes, pilates DVDs or workout music, or if you live nearby, find a gift certificate for an activity you can do together. Try yoga, zumba, water aerobics or another fun class, and spend some quality time together while working up a sweat.

Be a Bookworm

Is your mom the person responsible for your love of reading? Buy her a copy of a book you loved and think she would enjoy. Or start a mini book club for two and buy each of you a copy of a book you’ve been meaning to read. You’ll have someone to discuss it with as you go.

Get Crafty

Nothing beats homemade gifts. Spend an afternoon with your children making beautiful artwork for grandma this Mother’s Day. Get out the fingerpaints and glitter and construction paper, and let the kids go wild with their imaginations. She will love their creations more than anything you could buy in a store.

Do Lunch

When in doubt, treat your mom to lunch. Take a break from your own kids or job or other responsibilities, and simply spend some time catching up with a very important lady.




How do you plan on celebrating Mother’s Day?

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