Ideas to Spruce Up Your Easter Basket

Easter-baskets-300x199For many of us, Easter baskets are synonymous with a sugar high (and the inevitable candy crash that follows). The Easter Bunny is famous for piling his baskets high with cream-filled chocolate eggs, sugar-coated marshmallow animals, jelly beans and other treats that would make our dentists cringe. Candy isn’t the only item Easter baskets can contain, however. This year, go for a different approach and fill baskets with creativity-inspiring treats. Try these sugar-free basket stuffers, and let the games begin!

  • Personalized spring stickers. Your kids will go crazy for stickers featuring their names and sunny new spring designs. Try decorating hard-boiled eggs with stickers for a creative alternative to dyeing them.
  • Sidewalk chalk in bright colors. After the annual Easter egg hunt, continue the fun with a sidewalk decorating party, creating colorful murals that wash away easily. You can even make your own sidewalk chalk with just a few materials from the craft store.
  • Coloring books. Choose an exciting theme that suits your child’s interests and include a box of crayons.
  • Classic games or toys such as jacks, pick-up sticks, jump ropes or playing cards. They’re small, affordable and will provide fun for years to come.
  • A small flower pot and a packet of seeds. You can plant the seeds together and wait for the beautiful flowers to bloom. 
  • Personalized puzzles. Your child can piece together a vibrant 20-piece puzzle and reveal his or her name written in a unique setting, from under the sea to up in the clouds. 

What are your bright ideas for Easter basket fillers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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