Thanksgiving is next week! Make it special…

Thanksgiving is next week! Make it special…

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you’re probably pulling out old turkey recipes or clipping new ones from magazines. But instead of going through the holiday-planning motions, why not do something a little different this year? Here are a few ideas from all of us here at Frecklebox:

* Talk turkey. Consider either adding a new and different protein to your Thanksgiving spread, or replacing the bird altogether. Lamb, duck or even roast beast can be just as mouth-watering and make you look forward to leftovers.

* Go ethnic. Don’t want to give up turkey? Try a theme meal that still includes it but with a twist. Stuff the turkey with sticky rice, for example, or fry up that bird instead of roasting it. Neighborhood restaurants or take-out menus are great sources of ideas.

* Eat out. Maybe you’ve been avoiding eating out for months to save money. For Thanksgiving, splurge (a little) and save yourself the time and stress of planning and cleaning up after a meal. See what local restaurants offer and make reservations early.

* Get crafty with your kids. Have your child help decorate the dining room with homemade crafts, such as a turkey-themed wreath, coasters, place cards, napkin holders and placemats.

* Take time to teach. If your child is in school, she’s likely to spend some class time talking about Thanksgiving, but don’t miss this opportunity to read books about the holiday and American history.

* Give back. Remember that there are a lot of families out there who will not be able to enjoy a warm meal at home, or at all, this year. Find out what local food banks, churches and other charities are doing on Thanksgiving and spend some time either donating canned goods, serving food, or simply talking to families in need.


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