Get Personal with Personalized Gifts Ideas for Kids

Get Personal with Personalized Gifts Ideas for Kids
If you’re like us, you’re already overwhelmed with gift catalogs in the mail and holiday ads on TV. Instead of opting for those typical, highly commercial presents for your kids, nieces and nephews, take a moment to consider more meaningful items. What makes a gift truly special? You guessed it—the thought and effort put into it are as important as the price tag. Some ideas:

  • 1. If you can sew, drill a hole, or handle a scissor and glue, you’ve got the skill to create a homemade item for your child. For example, check out these easy instructions for making a kids’ kaleidoscope.
  • 2. Fill a gift basket. Your kid loves to draw? Offer a basket full of brand new pads, pencils, crayons, markers. Wrap it up in plastic and tie it with a bow.
  • 3. Put his or her name on it. Give your budding writer a personalized journal with your child’s name and favorite design on it.
  • 4. Skip the gifts.  If you’re trying to save a little money this year, consider giving your family an experience instead, such as a special day trip or holiday dinner out. Start saving and planning for it now.
  • 5.  Shop unconventional stores, like a museum or art supply stores, for unusual items.

Share your ideas for unique and meaningful gifts for children.

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