6 Tips to get your child to read! (or buy a personalized book from Frecklebox.com)

6 Tips to get your child to read! (or buy a personalized book from Frecklebox.com)
As you may know, I am an avid reader and have constantly looked for ways to encourage my children to follow in my footsteps.
Here are the top tips we have come up with at Frecklebox to get your kids to read!

1. Set a good example. If your children see you reading, they will want to do the same.

2. Be consistent. Set aside time every day specifically to read with your kids. Dads, maybe the time that works best for you is evening, there’s nothing like a good story before before bedtime. You can also encourage your children to choose the book, assign them to be a page turner or take turns reading with them (i.e. you read the pages on the left, you child reads the pages on the right.)

3. Make it fun. Play reading games while you wait at a restaurant, at the grocery store or even while you’re in the car. You know how bad Bay Area traffic is — take advantage of it and make up a game! Here’s an example of a game you can play anywhere: each person reads as many words as they can from street signs, billboards, store names, menus, labels, etc. in one minute.

4. Start early. It’s a crucial time in a toddler’s life when they learn that they have their very own name as part of their identity! To help toddlers learn to recognize and spell their names, it helps to see it in as many settings as possible: from cubbies at preschool, to t-shirts, to spelling their name out in blocks, to painting and writing it down on paper for them to marvel at.

5. Try a personalized book. This is the tip that inspired our line of products. We feel it goes a long way in promoting self-confidence and engages the reader becasue the story is actually about them.

6. Find books that YOUR children enjoy. Let them read the same books over and over if they want to. Sometimes reading starts with kids actually memorizing what is on each page and pretending to read the story to others.

I hope you find some of these tips helpful in cultivating your little bookworm at home!

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