Stressed? Adult Coloring Books Can Help

By: Phoebe Knight

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Coloring books are one of the most useful tools in the parent toolbox. They’re portable, non-messy, and their use can invoke a blissful silence when little ones are busy creating technicolor masterpieces to hang proudly on the refrigerator.

Coloring doesn’t have to be a kids-only activity, though. Grown-ups can benefit from it too. Many adults have recently rediscovered the charm of coloring and realized that it can be a relaxing and meditative exercise, a needed respite in a hectic day.  The act of focusing on a repetitive artistic task can be mentally restorative and help calm anxieties. It is stress-free and easy. Anyone of any skill-level can pick it up and create images that are rich, beautiful, and creative.

In addition to reducing stress, coloring can provide a fun bonding activity with children, or even other adults. Coloring groups for adults are springing up and can be found on, or Facebook. Fortunately, adults don’t have to steal their kid’s coloring books, or be forced to color cartoon characters and superheroes. Designers are creating coloring books produced specifically for adults and they have exploded in popularity. In April 2015, the two bestselling books on Amazon were adult coloring books.  The images are more intricate and time intensive than the typical child’s coloring book and feature scenes from lush gardens ripe with fantasy creatures, or stunning geometric mandalas.

If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of coloring yourself, We’ve provided a list of free coloring pages in various styles to help get you started:


Easy Mandalas

Easy mandala coloring page for adults

Easy mandala coloring page for adultsSource:

Difficult Mandalas

Mandala adult coloring page, difficult

Difficult mandala coloring pageSource:


Beautiful garden adult coloring pageSource:

Butterfly adult coloring pageSource:

Free floral adult coloring pageSource:


Free bird adult coloring page

Lion adult coloring pageSource:


Abstract adult coloring pageSource:

Abstract adult coloring pageSource:


Valentine’s Day crafts

Valentine’s Day is next week and we’re getting our craft supplies out and ready for some good stuff! We like these kid-friendly craft ideas to celebrate February 14th. These would be fun to do with the family or as a classroom party activity!
















Fruit Loop Bird Feeder by Sweet and Simple Living










Paper Heart Wreath by Play for a Day












Thumbprint Heart Bookmark by Crafts for all Seasons

And for a sweet little treat to get you through all these projects…













Sprinkle Oreo Pops by Catch My Party

Happy Valentine’s Day to our Freckle friends!

Family Resolutions for the New Year


Are you busy thinking of personal resolutions to make before the clock strikes midnight? We like the idea of setting goals as a family and working on them together throughout the year. Here are some ideas to bring your family closer together in the New Year!

Home-cooked family dinners. Schedules can make it tough, but commit to dinner as a family at least a few times a week. A home-cooked meal is cheaper than going out and allows you to make healthier food for everyone. Win-win!

Plan activity days. It can be a bike ride to a coffee shop, a scenic hike or just a walk through the neighborhood, so long as you get moving. Get everyone up and out for a game of soccer or touch football this weekend and share some time together.

Group Chores. That blanket of leaves will be more fun to tackle with a group, don’t ya think? Give the kids rakes and see who can make the biggest pile — and maybe jump in them when you’re done! You can even assign one chore to everyone, do them at the same time and then go out for a bike ride after. Frecklebox Chore Charts can help keep the family on their toes, too!

Be a green family. Have your family pledge to recycle and use reusable grocery bags as much as possible. Check with your city or county to make sure you’re recycling everything you can.

Read together. If your kids are too old for a story before bedtime, take turns reading from an all ages chapter book like Harry Potter and let everyone get involved.

No matter how you choose to start out 2015, we wish you a bright and happy New Year!